S.A.P. Simplified Acquisition Process

Having trouble locating and winning Small Business set-aside Government contracts??? 

Contact GP&M and find out how you can enhance your contracting award success within the new government S.A.P. rules for small businesses with enrollment with the Simplified Acquisition Process that is exclusively administered by GP&M for Certified Small Business government vendors.

The Federal Government spent over $105 Billion exclusively with qualified registered small businesses in 2017.

Did you know that less than 10% of ALL mandatory small business purchases placed by procurement officers of less than $250,000 make it to posting on FedBizOpps? Want to know where are the other 90% are getting awarded?

Ever wonder what the typical procurement path that every government requisition looks ?


We at GP&M have a deep understanding of how the government, and its procurement process works. By harnessing the years of experience that GP&M has accumulated, we now have the great power of putting the RFQ’s you need right into the convenience of your business’ inbox. With GP&M’s Electronic Portal System you can leverage the most comprehensive market intelligence to win service and parts contracts from over 4,000 Federal, State, and Local Governments throughout the US and abroad. With an approved budget the US Government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on products and services every day.

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System for Award Management (SAM) Registration is the first step toward doing business with U.S. government agencies. GPM staff are duly trained, experienced and expert with the SAM Registration process and can help your business become a functioning SAM Vendor. Our services not only include keeping your SAM fully compliant, but also listing, optimizing and updating your DSBS Profile. With hundreds of thousands of businesses competing for government dollars, it makes sense to hire outside professional help to ensure your registration is done 100% correct and kept up-to-date. Find out how our services make a difference. We also have to ability too assist in getting your GSA.


Capability Statement

After you have fully registered with the System for Award Management, you’ll need to have a professional high quality Capabilities Statement. Now this is another great service the GPM offers to the general public. utilizing your capabilities statement to land you the next big contract is not only necessary but its widely accepted as the perfect layout to help Procurement officers see exactly what it is your company offers.

Capability Statement


Knowing what contracts are available in the US and regionally is one of the fastest ways your business can increase your revenue stream. Our process is as simple as having an inside man giving you the contracts as they become available. We offer to deliver those contracts directly to your emails inbox. GPM also has a full Electronic Portal System for you to see all contracts available plus so much more. You can learn more about both of these options by clicking here and here.

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GP&M can provide you with great opportunities.

 Here are a few things to consider

Our system provides daily bid notice of any opportunity published by FBO – monitoring of opportunities may be by a combination of NAICs; Zip; Key Word; State/zip; Agency; Business size; CAGE; PSC classification.
The database allows user to prospect by expiration date on any given expiring contract for services as well as an extensive database of contracting officers. Award history of contracts exists from 2001 to present and provided by DUNS award or solicitation number.
Every federal government bid in the world from one location (not just FedBizOps). Thousands of state and local bids. Not only are the bids available, but the member’s specific opportunities are emailed to you daily.
We compile data from over 15,000 databases into one user-friendly online tool, saving you precious time and resources. Data is updated every two hours so you stay up to speed on the latest information.

Our Performance and Results Guarantees are backed by a $1,000,000.00 Professional Liability Insurance Bond.

GSA Contract.

GP&M can process and manage your 20 yer GSA contract. Call to see if you qualify for this 20 year NO-BID government Prime Vendor program. There is only a small pool of qualified Small Business GSA vendors on the GSA program.

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