Purchasing Managers & Contracting Officers

Identify the Contracting Officers and Program Manager you need to know to win more contracts:

The U.S. Government has thousands of Government offices authorized to acquire goods and services, and GP&M’s Electronic Portal System supplies you with all the necessary detailed information about each contracting officer, purchasing manager, and any others who may request your services and/or products.

GP&M also provides highly detailed information for:

Expiring contracts (contracts that are expected to expire within 90 days).
Small business offices (SADBU and OSDBU)
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) offices
Contact information for over 650 facilities
The entire database for the DoD and all Federal Agencies.

Gathering Contact Information:

GP&M provides you with a detailed list of contact information for the specific contracting officers who want to acquire your products/services.

You can also search for specific contracting officers by name, NAICS, FSC, keyword, or PSC. The information can be viewed, saved and exported by agency, state, and zip code.


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