CRM Tools

CRM Tool to Keep your Contracting details organized:

GP&M’s Electronic Portal System will provide you the ability to store and organize any data that relevant to any open solicitation or current contract of interest.

This is an excellent tool for uploading, managing, and storing:

Bid submission details
Contract Correspondence
All Office correspondence
Technical data
Shipping information
Billing Information

Our CRM tools are totally customizable and can include any categories you choose to stay organized.

You can even create additional folders in your CRM tools system to separate and arrange your information in a way that best suits your organizations needs.

Easily organize all the information in one place:

Access your documents 24/7, from any device, anywhere.

Receive all current updates on your specific solicitations and the contracts you are currently interested in, because GP&M’s E.P.S. automatically updates each bid and contract with the latest amendments, releases, and modifications twice daily.


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