Daily Emails

All available Government procurement opportunities delivered by email, daily.


GP&M delivers bid alerts with opportunities, for your specific products and/or services everyday.


GP&M will create your specific targeted profile using your: NSNs, FSCs, keywords, NAICS codes. You will then begin receive daily email alerts containing all the solicitation bid matches based on your profile. These matches will be specific to only your custom descriptors.

Data Sources:

GP&M offers more open solicitations than any other single source. We aggregate all solicitations, quotes, and data from the following databases and more:

GP&M’s Electronic Portal System compiles all solicitations, quotes, and data from the following major databases and many more:

FBO – Federal Business Opportunities
All States
Department of Defense
All Military Branches & Organizations
All branches of the Federal Government
Over 8,000 cities, municipalities, and counties
DLA DIBBS and other DLA Government opportunities
SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research)
STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer)
NSN (National Stock Number) and other sources
Contracting officers – over 65,000 names and contact information
Sub-contractors – Database of over 900,000 businesses
FPDS – Federal Procurement Database from 2001 to Present
Procurement History – All Services Procurement History to 1963
Federal Logistics Information System/Technical Item Record
DLIS (Defense Logistics Information Service)
FLIS (Federal Logistics Information Service)
Specifications & Standards
DLIS Vendor H4/H8 Visa Search
Vendor H4/H8 Visa Search

Solicitations by NSN:

If you’re a parts manufacturer, you can also search all general solicitations by NSN and access who manufactures the part, its availability, technical information, procurement history, prints/manuals in which that NSN is included, interchangeability & substitution for the NSN, sales history and opportunities based on the NSN and its management data. GP&M also has MCRL, CAGE information, and a Parts Listing Service, which allows you to find parts and list your inventory.


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