NSN Searching

NSN Searching allows you to save time and increase sales:

GP&M’s Electronic Portal System is the largest single source for parts and logistics in an online database format.

GP&M’s E.P.S. uses an extensive variety of NSN search parameters across numerous databases, which minimizes the time spent researching rare parts, while maximizing effectiveness. You receive extensive reporting capabilities that ensures your information is accurate and well documented.

GP&M’s E.P.S. is also the place to locate all parts forecasts, either by NSN part number or FSC. You can also convert any commercial part number to NSN.

What GP&M can do for you:

Identify all aspects of an item and verify technical characteristics
Provide procurement history to estimate costs and availability
Supply alternatives and replacements for rare or obsolete parts
Furnish sources of supply
Daily updates to the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) database
Access to more than 70 additional military and commercial databases
Search tools for hard-to-find National Stock Numbers (NSNs) and part numbers
Cross-referencing among databases

GP&M’s E.P.S. is a beneficial tool for:

Acquisition and Purchasing – Identify sources for parts, including contact information and award history
View actual price paid for government purchases
Locate alternate sources
Audit previous sales to government agencies and award
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) – Streamline internal processes and strengthen MRO responses
Eliminate duplicate parts
Locate suitable replacements for hard-to-find or obsolete parts
Marketing and Sales – Uncover new business opportunities
Research US DoD (Department of Defense) opportunities
Monitor competitor activity and pricing
Engineering- Increase the efficiency of design, component, test and quality assurance processes
Reduce product development cycles
Supplement internal part references and legacy data
Ensure accuracy and standardization of parts
Enhance Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) capabilities

Electronic Portal

Whether you are analyzing a solicitation, researching a part number, or recording a placed bid in your personal bid history database, you will save you time and increase sales.

With your user name and password, we help you create your custom profile using relevant NSNs, FSCs, keywords, NAICS codes, and competitive CAGEs. You then receive daily solicitation matches based on your customized user profile. These matches are unique to your company’s search criteria.

Also, you can search all general solicitations by NSN search and access critical information, including: who manufactures the part, its availability, technical information, procurement history, prints/manuals in which that NSN is included, interchangeability & substitution for the NSN, sales history and opportunities based on the NSN, and its management data. GP&M has MCRL, CAGE information, and a Parts Listing Service, which allows you to find parts and list your inventory.


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