Open Solicitations

All Open Solicitations:

GP&M, Electronic Portal System offers more open procurement opportunities than any other single source.

With GP&M, all necessary procurement data is gathered from the largest number of sources and delivers the most detailed newly open solicitations to help you increase your business with the government.

Procurement Data Sources:

GP&M’s Electronic Portal System complies all solicitations, quotes, and data from the following major databases and many more:

FBO – Federal Business Opportunities
All States
Department of Defense
All Military Branches & Organizations
All branches of the Federal Government
Over 8,000 cities, municipalities, and counties
DLA DIBBS and other DLA Government opportunities
SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research)
STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer)
NSN (National Stock Number) and other sources
Contracting officers – over 65,000 names and contact information
Sub-contractors – Database of over 900,000 businesses
FPDS – Federal Procurement Database from 2001 to Present
Procurement History – All Services Procurement History to 1963
Federal Logistics Information System/Technical Item Record
DLIS (Defense Logistics Information Service)
FLIS (Federal Logistics Information Service)
Specifications & Standards
DLIS Vendor H4/H8 Visa Search
Vendor H4/H8 Visa Search

Electronic Portal

You can easily search open solicitations by: keyword, Professional Service Code (PSC), National Stock Number (NSN), Federal Supply Class (FSC), solicitation number, NAICS code, CAGE code, Interested party, then narrow by set-aside, state, zip code, GSA Schedules, and Agency, if you choose.


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